Saturday, October 22, 2011

Snail Mail

I use the computer all the time for art making and keeping in touch with my friends. Sometimes I get tired of creating vector after vector and sending email after email, so I indulge in real paint and handwritten letters every once in a while. I sent this postcard to my friend Stevie.

My friend Emily recently moved to a new apartment. Her internet is still getting set up, but I know I can always count on Gmail.. 

I'm a nerd :) 


  1. im so impressed with you. lol you make my heart smile. haha

  2. the most beautiful letter I have received in quite sometime :)

  3. this is seriously awesome!!! love it!!!

  4. LOL. omg, Annie, you are so cute. :3 This post made me smile ear to ear. :D love it.